Brad Whitehead Fishing 256-483-0834

Note: If you rent the Pavilion at either Elliott Branch or Slickrock, your group will not be required to have BCDA permits as long as they stay at the pavilion.  If they use the beach area, etc. they will be required to have a BCDA permit.  

         The Pavilions at Slickrock and Elliott Branch can be reserved by calling the BCDA office.  They can be rented from 10am-4pm for $20.00 or 4pm-10pm for $20.00 or 10am-10pm for $40.00.  The smaller pavilions at Mon-Dye Beach, Twin Forks Beach, and Quarter Creek Beach are used on a first come-first served basis with no fee required.  

Note: Camp Managers are away from their campgrounds on Mondays or possibly Tuesdays if Monday was a state holiday.  If you wish to rent a spot on Monday and the camp store is closed, drive through the camp ground and find an open site that does not have a rented sign on it.  Set up your camper and your camp manager will rent the site to you when they return and check the campground.

  • What is the phone number for Twin Forks Campground?

        Twin Forks Campground is operated through a lease agreement with BCDA by the Town of Bear Creek.  Their number is 205-269-3554

  1. You must possess a valid BCDA permit and follow all rules required by the State of Alabama and any Federal guidelines which may apply.
  2. ​BCDA/TVA land falls under the ‘Open Permit Public Land’ section in State Rulebook as far as seasons, bag limits etc.  Be aware which County you are in as that may change which rules apply to you.
  3. ​You cannot cross private property to access BCDA/TVA property unless you have landowner’s written permission.
  4. ​You may use a boat as a transport to your hunting area, as long as your firearm is unloaded and in a case during transport.
  5. ​You cannot hunt on any of the four TVA Dam Reservations (Below Dams or on tracts on either side).  You cannot hunt on or around any of the Public Use Areas (Campgrounds or Boat ramps)
  6. ​You cannot build any structures of a permanent nature, drive spikes into or damage to trees.

BCDA is not affiliated with any of these and makes no claim as to the quality of their services.

  • What are the rules for hunting BCDA/TVA land?
  • Do you know of any fishing guides for the Bear Creek lakes?

BCDA is not affiliated with any of these and makes no claim as to the quality of their services.

Bear Creek Canoe Run 205-993-4459
Oliver’s Canoe Rental 256-356-2000
Dismal’s Canyon  800-808-7998

  • Do you know of anyone who rents canoes/kayaks for the floatway?

Currently BCDA does not rent canoes/boats.

  • Does BCDA rent canoes/boats?

See Floatway section

  • Where can I find out information about the canoe floatway?

     TVA’s office in Muscle Shoals, which is where TVA’s Bear Creek Watershed team is located.  Their number is 256-386-2228.

  • I would like a pier in front of my property which adjoins the lake, who do I contact?

        TVA will start to slowly lower Little Bear, Big Bear, and Cedar on Nov. 1st and then will begin to slowly raise the same lakes on Feb. 15th.  This is done for flood control purposes and is managed by TVA’s River Operations group.  Upper Bear is kept at approximately the same level year round.

  • When does TVA start raising/lowering the lake levels?

        Not at this time.  State hunting and/or fishing license can be purchased 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone by calling 1-888-848-6887..

  • Can I purchase BCDA permits online?

        See section under permit vendors

  • Where can BCDA permits be purchased?

        If you are legally disabled, you can obtain a disabled fishing license from the probate office in your county.  This license will serve as your BCDA permit.

  • What if I’m disabled, do I need a BCDA permit? 

        Yes, however it may not be good for an entire year depending on when it is purchased.  Annual permits are good from Oct. 1st of the current year through Sept. 30th of the following year.

  • Is the BCDA Annual permit good for a year?

        There are four types of BCDA permits available.  Daily, 3-Day, Annual, and Lifetime are available.  To purchase a Lifetime permit, you must come by the BCDA office during working hours located next to Little Bear Creek Dam.

  • What type of permits is available?

        People between the ages of 16 and 65 regardless of state residency. If you are 65 and older you do not need a BCDA permit, but if you’re a non-resident you still need an out-of-state fishing or hunting license if 65 and older.

  • Who is required to possess a BCDA permit?
  • Can I reserve the Pavilions?

         Cabins are booked by calling the BCDA office.  Please note that you can only book a date for the current calendar year.  We do not book for the next year and we start taking reservations after we return from the New Year’s holiday. Booking will be taken in the order they are received, this gives everyone an equal opportunity at booking the most requested dates which is (Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day).

  • How are cabins reserved?

        The cabins at Elliott Branch are open year round.  The campgrounds are usually open from Mid March until Mid October, however some years certain campgrounds may be open longer or shorter depending on use and other factors.  Call the individual campground or the BCDA office for more information.

  • How long are the campgrounds and cabins open?