• Judge Barry Moore: Franklin Co
  • Mayor Michael Moomaw: Vina
  • Mayor Darryl Colburn: Hackleburg
  • Mayor David Grissom: Russellville
  • Mayor Ken Sunseri: Haleyville
  • Mayor Brian Scott: Hodges
  • Eddie Marbut: Phil Campbell
  • Debbie Corbin: Marion Co.
  • Jeff Mobley: Winston Co. Chairperson
  • Mayor Marcus Rutland: Cherokee
  • Dean Hubbard: Red Bay
  • Mayor Robert Taylor: Bear Creek
  • Charles Hipps: Governor Appointee

Board Members

Our Board is ‘comprised of city and county leaders from Colbert, Franklin, Marion, and Winston counties’.

We're here for you and the community, so don't hesitate to contact us.